Monday, June 23, 2014

How to use OverDrive Read, OverDrive's new browser-based eBook reader

How to use OverDrive Read, OverDrive's new browser-based eBook reader

The idea behind our browser-based reading experience (OverDrive Read) is simple. When you see a book you like, you can start reading it with just a single click. We call this, "see book, read book," and it opens up all sorts of possibilities.
Since Read uses HTML5, most current web browsers are compatible. You can read on your computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux), your phone (iOS 5+ or Android 2.3+), and your tablet (iOS 5+ or Android 2.3+). Your reading progress and bookmarks will sync and show up on whatever device you open an OverDrive Read book on. You can read more about compatibility here.
Try an OverDrive Read sample now to see how it works.

How do I use OverDrive Read?

When you click or tap Read next to a title on your bookshelf or open an eBook sample, it will open in a new tab in your browser.
Click or tap the right or left edges of the eBook to turn pages.
Click or tap and hold a word to access definitions, notes, and highlights.
Click or tap the bookmarkicon in the upper-left to save your position.
Screenshot showing a bookmarked page
On larger screens, the menu shows up on the right. On smaller screens, the menu will be hidden. If this is the case, swipe down from (or click on) the top of the page to show the menu.

How to borrow and deliver Kindle Books

How to borrow and deliver Kindle Books
Follow the instructions below to borrow Kindle Books and deliver them to your Kindle, Kindle reading app, or Kindle Cloud Reader.

  1. Open your library's digital collection website (

  2. When the site opens, find a Kindle Book to borrow. You can:

    • Tap or mouse over a title, then select more to go to the title's details page. The details page lists the formats available for that title, including Kindle Book (if available).

    • Run a search, then narrow your results by selecting Kindle Book under "Format" on the left-hand side of the page.

      • Select Advanced Search under the search bar and choose Kindle Book as your format in the search form that opens.
        Note: Available titles will display a filled-in format icon in the upper-right corner of their cover. Checked-out titles will display a grayed-out icon.

    1. Once you've confirmed that an eBook is available in the Kindle Book format, select Borrow to borrow it.
      If prompted, sign in.

    2. Your bookshelf will open, displaying the title(s) you have borrowed. From here, select Kindle Book from the Download drop-down menu, then Confirm & Download.
      You will be taken to Amazon's website so that you can complete the checkout and send the title to your Kindle device or reading app.

    3. If you are already signed into Amazon, select a device or reading app from the "Deliver to" drop-down box, then select Get library book.
      The book is sent to your device or reading app, and you'll
      find it on your Kindle home screen. If you are not signed in, skip to step 6.
      Note: You must complete this step for the library book to show up in the "Manage Your Content & Devices" list. If the Kindle Book does not appear in this list, you will not be able to download it on any device.